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Stop following your emotions and select stocks in a more systematic way

Find stocks before the analysts do

People often fall into the trap of buying glamour stocks. They select stocks based on what's written in newsletters or on websites.

Our screener offers an objective view of each stock using a comprehesive dashboard of value, price and quality metrics. This allows you to understand whether a stock is really cheap and good quality, and has upwards potential. It also helps you identify and avoid value traps.


We offer a bunch of pretested algorithms

We modelled the stock selection steps of the greatest quantitative investors, such as:

  • Greenblatt Magic Formula
  • Piotroski F-Score
  • O'Shaugnessy Value Composite
  • Beneish PROBM
  • Altman Z-score
  • and many others..

We search all major markets in the world

Don't just look at the stock market in your country. Our screener scans 22.000 stocks in seconds and ranks them according to your preferences. This way you're not just looking for the cheapest stocks in your region, but the best bargains globally!

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We provide a system optimized for higher returns

Select top ranking stocks and hold them for 1 year. At the end of that year, check if the stock is still ranking high. If not sell it. Otherwise keep it in the portfolio for another year. It's that simple!

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