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ValueScreeners provides the best value investing stock screeners to find undervalued stocks. It comes with many screeners based on contrarian quantitative investing strategies such as Piotroski's F-Score, O'Shaughnessy 's Tiny Titans, ERP5 and Dividend Yield and others. It screens all major markets in Europe, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the UK, the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia to find the deals of the week.

Value Investing Newsletter

In our monthly Newsletter, we presents sigificantly undervalued stocks in Europe and in North America. We select these stocks using our best performing screeners and submit them to a thorough analysis. Members can follow the overall performance of the portfolios and view all positions and transactions in detail.


Over the last 5 years, MFIE Capital acquired a wealth of knowledge on value investing techniques and how to develop screeners using .NET development platforms. Our consultants have an intimate understanding of the datasources and assist our customers with custom research and backtesting.

03 / 2014

As most visitors are US-based, we decided to move to a more international domain name. A url that suits our website to the ground: www.valuestockscreener.com! Don't forget to update your bookmarks and links to our site.

10 / 2012

Quantitative Short Selling : Why Bother ? We are thinking about launching a short selling newsletter ,if there is enough interest. Read more

07 / 2012

MFIE Capital launches valuescreeners 2.0, the world's fastest html5/css3 based stock screener offering unmatched screening capabilities on all major platforms and devices!

06 / 2012

MFIE's 'screener' finishes 10th in the national investor competition: 23% return over a period of 4 months, compared to -7% for the Eurostoxx! Read more...

03 / 2012

Phillip & Tim published a brand new paper. Quantitative Value Investing in Europe: what works for achieving alpha. Available in online bookstores - ISBN:978-1-4710-9219-0. Subscribers to valuescreeners or the newsletter can download this new exciting paper worth 99€ for free! To download the paper, log in and navigate to the backtests page.

12 / 2011

MFIE Capital and VFB combine Valuescreeners and NAIC at VFB congress at NAIC & fundamental analysis day. Check out our presentation: Systematic Quantitative Value Investing

11 / 2011

MFIE Capital launches its highest scoring screener yet: the ERP relative strength screener combining Piotroski with momentum.

More press

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